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Part of the Jewel Home Group, here at Sashes of Surrey, we are proud to offer an exceptional range of timber sash windows to homeowners in Surrey and the surrounding areas. In keeping with the traditional aesthetics of timber sash window designs of the past, our excellent offering of sash windows means that you can enjoy these classic window designs with all the benefits of modern engineering.


As the specialists of double glazed sash windows, we have been installing sliding sash windows in homes and properties for over 20 years now. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and products. With every installation, you will receive a FENSA certificate, which confirms all building regulations have been followed. Furthermore, we have a GGF accreditation, meaning you can rest assured your timber sash windows will be of the highest quality.

Authentic and Elegant

Ideal For Listed Buildings

Characterised by their sliding features that are opened and closed in a vertical motion, timber sash windows are an ideal option for historic homes and properties. In particular, they are ideal for listed buildings that require timber sash windows to be fitted if they are in need of a replacement.


Sash windows exude style and traditional aesthetics, so it’s no wonder they are still so popular with homeowners throughout Surrey and the UK. Modern sash window engineering means that property owners can still enjoy this stunning style while reaping the benefits of higher-performance timber sash windows.

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Timeless and Sleek

High Performance Timber Sash Windows

Whether you are changing underperforming Victorian sash windows or renovating an Edwardian cottage, our timber sash windows are designed to excel in performance, meaning you can enjoy the aesthetics of a traditional property without compromising on performance.


Unlike outdated wooden sash windows, our timber sash windows are fitted with 24mm double glazing and offer a sound reduction of 33 dB. We can also offer acoustic double glazed units, which can reduce noise pollution up to 42dB. Also offering U-Values that are 40% better than current Part L Building Regulations, when you replace your old wooden sash windows, you can enjoy a property that is energy efficient and more secure.

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Contemporary and Stylish

Timber Sash Window Parts

Any sash window owner will know how important the detailing is on their windows, as each of these key features is what makes them so authentic and elegant. We have two options available.


Spiral Balance is a popular sash window with maintenance-free, concealed spiral balances which are available in a number of colours. Our cord & weight sash windows are the most traditional of the two options. They feature lead or steel weights, a draught-proof axel pulley wheel and nylon sash windows with excellent strength.


All our sash windows have slim frames, timber staff beads and timber only parting beads, allowing you to truly replicate traditional yet classic timber sash window designs.

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Traditional and Charming

Choice of Colours & Bar Arrangements

Whether you live in a small building or a larger property, our sliding sashes can be tailored to a number of different sizes and openings. Timber sash windows can span widths of up to 1.2m and also reach heights of 2.7m in your choice of contemporary, heritage and traditional mouldings.


We can also offer various different bar arrangements, including horizontal, Georgian and marginal bars. Opt for glazing bars of 16mm, 25mm or 35mm thickness.


If you are looking for a splash of colour, we offer our timber sash windows finished using environmentally friendly, water-based paint. You have the freedom to choose from any RAL colour as well as other colour charts.

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Timber Sash Windows Prices

If you are looking to get a better idea of timber sash windows prices and make a fully informed decision, get a quote today.


Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our expert team. With decades of experience and knowledge, we are well placed to advise you on your sash window replacement and help you get all the answers you are looking for.

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