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How Can Our Sash Windows Transform Your Home?

At Sashes of Surrey, we can help you find a sash window that’s the perfect addition to your Windsor home. If you’ve been looking to replace your old windows, then you might want a design that harks back to the past. Our sash windows do this with a classic style and a stunning finish, but they also make your property feel more modern. The designs have innovative features and durable materials to make your home warmer, brighter, and safer.

Sash windows are ideal for retaining the character of older properties. However, their classic looks are able to add a sense of traditional quality to modern ones as well. And, by working with Roseview to offer their uPVC sash windows, you benefit from advanced double glazing and profiles that don’t wear down for decades. Because of this, you’ll feel the difference in your living space straight away with our designs.




Authentic and Elegant

Ultimate Rose Sash Windows Windsor

The Ultimate Rose Sliding Sash Window from our Rose Collection is the first of three collections we offer in Windsor. This range of windows can improve the performance of your home in several ways, thanks to the modern materials in the design. However, these windows also have traditional features to keep a classic quality. For example, our Ultimate Rose sash windows come with a slim 35mm midrail and have seamless construction.

Because these sash windows are more resilient than old timber designs, they need less maintenance. All you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth to make them look factory-fresh. Additionally, that means the double glazing and profiles will continue to work brilliantly for decades, offering excellent insulation, security and soundproofing. That way, your home will be enhanced across the board.





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Timeless and Sleek

Heritage Rose Sash Windows Windsor

Alternatively, you could choose sash windows from our Heritage Rose range for your Windsor home. Heritage sash windows are ideal for traditional homes, and Roseview ensures they can also fit for listed buildings. As a result, you can retain the look of a classic property while making it perform like a modern one. Our Heritage Rose sash windows have a uPVC profile, ensuring superb durability.

The uPVC profiles in our sash windows are slimline designs for your Windsor home. As a result, you can enjoy slim sightlines, providing better views of the world around you. Not only that, you can benefit from increased thermal efficiency all year round, meaning you could stay warm while spending less on your heating bills. Our Heritage Rose sash windows are also fully customisable and tilt for easy cleaning.




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Contemporary and Stylish

Charisma Rose Sash Windows Windsor

Finally, the Charisma Rose collection of sash windows is perfect for modern homes in Windsor. This is because they have high-quality uPVC profiles that are air and water-tight. Not only does this improve the amount of heat you retain in your home, but it can insulate against cold air. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills all year round by installing these designs.

Additionally, Charisma Rose sash windows are fully weatherproof for your Windsor home. That means no part of the design will fade, warp or crack for decades to come. We can also add other innovative features to your sash windows, including acoustic glass for extra privacy. We even offer these windows with a deep bottom rail to achieve a classic aesthetic.





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charisma rose sash windows windsor
Traditional and Charming

Timber Sash Windows Windsor

At Sashes of Surrey, we also don’t believe timber sash windows have had their day. Although older designs aren’t up to scratch for new homes, we can install modern wooden windows that are far more resilient. These windows bring a handcrafted quality to your home, but they don’t have the same drawbacks as previous designs did. That means you can enjoy a warmer home without having to sacrifice its looks.

Our timber sash windows can come with handles and locks as standard, while the excellent sound insulation removes any distractions. Additionally, you can customise our sash windows with Georgian, horizontal or cottage bars. You can also pick your ideal colour from our range to craft a unique design for your property. We always install our sash windows made-to-measure for homes in Windsor.


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Sash Window Prices in Windsor

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