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If you are looking for a window to improve your home in Weybridge, at Sashes of Surrey, we offer plenty of sash windows for you to choose from.  Sash windows are beautiful windows that not only increase the look of your heritage property but can also benefit a modern property.

Sash windows will enhance your home because they look amazing. Instantly recognisable, they will catch a visitor’s eye straight away. Especially in older buildings, they can retain the value and authenticity of your property. We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to you.

We work with Roseview to help you get the best out of your window. All our range of windows comes with advanced double glazing as standard so that natural light will flood your property straight away.





Authentic and Elegant

Ultimate Rose Sash Windows Weybridge

The Ultimate Rose Sliding Sash Window from our Rose Collection is our most popular range because they develop authentic designs to boost your home. It brings a classic timber feel without the drawbacks and is ideal in tough conditions. The window also comes with a slim 35mm midrail and seamless construction for a beautiful look.

Not only is this window very cost effective, but you also don’t need to maintain it very often. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth every few months, and it will look good as new. It performs very well because the double glazing offers high security and is a great sound insulator. As a result of this, your home is kept at a consistent temperature, and intruders won’t be able to break in.






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Timeless and Sleek

Heritage Rose Sash Windows Weybridge


If you are looking for a timeless window with an elegant look and performs very well, then we also offer our Heritage Rose collection for your Weybridge property. With a durable uPVC profile, these windows offer very slim sightlines, so you are getting outstanding panoramic views of your property. This results in a clean timber look with all the benefits of uPVC. The window is a fantastic insulator of sound, so it will help you and your family live a more private life without any distractions.

If you have a character property, then you should consider the Heritage Rose range. It is a beautiful design that is very easy to operate. The window tilts, so they are very easy to clean. We also offer a bespoke range for this window as well so you can select from a wide range of colours and accessories. Add some personality to your Weybridge home and customise your window as you like it.




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Contemporary and Stylish

Charisma Rose Sash Windows Weybridge

You might also want something that doesn’t break the bank but offers equally high quality performance. The final option that we offer is the Charisma Rose selection. This range of sash windows is perfect for a contemporary property. It is very thermally efficient which traps natural heat in your home. This helps you and your family enjoy natural heat for longer. The window is weatherproof as standard so that it will protect you from tough rainy conditions.

The Charisma Rose range performs the same as timber but comes with a huge range of modern benefits. It is very thermally efficient, adds more privacy to your Weybridge home, and comes with a deep bottom rail for that traditional aesthetic. You can even add acoustic glass for extra privacy, should you need it.





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Traditional and Charming

Timber Sash Windows Weybridge

We also offer timber sash windows for your Weybridge home as well. These windows are stunning and bring a high quality performance to match. They add loads of character and are an exciting addition to your home. Add Georgian, horizontal, and cottage bars to really personalise your window.

The windows come fitted with handles and locks as standard, while the excellent sound insulation can reduce noise pollution. This brings peace to your home so you and your family can live more comfortably. A very customisable design, they can be built as high as 2.7m, and we make a made to measure fit. You can also choose from a range of colours as well. Improve your Weybridge home with this beautiful replica.




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Sash Window Prices in Weybridge

Here at Sashes of Surrey, we are here to help you find your perfect window. We have years of experience installing windows in Weybridge, and you can trust us to do a professional and efficient job.


Look at our  quoting tool once you have a better idea of what you’re going for. Create a bespoke window that suits your needs and find a price that’s right for you.


You can even e-mail us at info@sashesofsurrey.co.uk or call us on 01252 931422 to find out more.






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