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At Sashes of Surrey, we have a market-leading range of sash windows you’ll love looking at in your Liphook home. And, with the quality of our sash windows, you’ll love how they make your home feel, too. Our designs have uPVC frames instead of timber, meaning our designs won’t crack, twist, and warp out of shape after only a few years. Your new, durable windows will stand the test of time and offer improved thermal performance and security, all while still having the timeless look of classic sash window designs.

While wooden sash windows look beautiful, they start to lose their quality quickly. Problems like bad resistance to wind and rain and general wear and tear can turn your dream windows into a nightmare, and make your home feel cold and uncomfortable. Because we install sash windows in Liphook with uPVC profiles and double glazing, though, they’ll perform for years to come. You’ll also benefit from improved insulation, as our windows create a thermal barrier for your home that could help you save money over time.

Sashes of Surrey can also offer more choice for sash windows in Liphook. It’s because we source our sash windows from Roseview, and our partnership allows us to offer their full range of windows for your property. You can choose windows from one of their three distinctive collections, and you can customise them to suit your living space seamlessly. We can even offer modern timber sash windows for your home, so the possibilities are endless!

Authentic and Elegant

Ultimate Rose Sash Windows Liphook

We offer the full Rose Collection of sash windows for homes in Liphook and across the surrounding areas. As a result, you can pick any one of Roseview’s phenomenal designs, including one of the windows in their Ultimate Rose range. With Ultimate Rose sash windows, you’ll get a new window that has a classic look, but performs like a modern window should. Because of this, you get the ideal blend of old and new for your living space.

One way that you’re sure to benefit from Ultimate Rose sash windows is in the warmth of your home. With advanced double glazing and uPVC profiles that don’t allow draughts into your home, your living space will be warm whenever you use it. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your home without needing your central heating to keep you warm. Not only will you save on your energy bills, but you’ll lower your carbon footprint as well!

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Timeless and Sleek

Heritage Rose Sash Windows Liphook

Alternatively, our Heritage Rose sash windows are perfect for period properties in Liphook. Roseview’s Heritage Rose profile has classic properties in mind, which is why these windows take their inspiration from traditional timber joinery. By using uPVC instead of wood, though, these windows are much more durable than older designs. As a result, you can install these windows without having to worry about maintenance headaches down the line.

With Sashes of Surrey, you can also take control of how your new sash windows will look inside your Liphook home. All of our windows are fully customisable, meaning you’ll be in charge of every aspect of your design. Some of our customisable options include unique colours, finishes, accessories, and hardware like Georgian or astragal bars and detailed handles. Heritage Rose sash windows can get approval for listed buildings, too!

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Contemporary and Stylish

Charisma Rose Sash Windows Liphook

We also offer the Charisma Rose collection of sash windows that suit any home in Liphook. Charisma Rose designs bring the best of sash windows to your home, but they’re the most affordable option as well. Because of this, you can get windows that are cost-effective rather than costly, and offer high-end performance without high-end pricing. You’ll benefit from a blend of old and new, including deep bottom rail, astragal bars, run-through sash horns, sculpted ovolo sightlines combined with multi-point locking systems and double or triple glazing.

Our Charisma Rose sash windows will also look convincing with one of our authentic woodgrain finishes. Your guests won’t be able to tell that your windows don’t have timber profiles! And, with the performance of these windows, you won’t have to deal with the drawbacks of those old options either. Choose Roseview’s sash windows from Sashes of Surrey to save money today!

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Traditional and Charming

Timber Sash Windows Liphook

At Sashes of Surrey, we also think timber sash windows still work well for Liphook homes. We just think that timber sash windows needed an upgrade, which is why we’ve worked with Bereco to offer modern, resilient windows that redefine what wood can do. Your windows can come in sizes of up to 2.7-1.2m, and they have U-values that ensure superb thermal performance. Your windows will even exceed Part L Building Regulations for your peace of mind.

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Sash Window Prices in Liphook

Find the new uPVC and timber sash windows you’ll love for your Liphook home with Sashes of Surrey today! All of our windows are stylish, durable, and come with a 10-year guarantee!

Use our online quoting tool today to design your dream sash windows and get a personalised price for whatever you come up with in minutes.

Alternatively, call 01252 931422 or email us at info@sashesofsurrey.co.uk today to speak to our team about our sash windows!

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