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Sash Windows Camberley

At Sashes of Surrey, we can help you create bespoke sash windows for your home in Camberley. If you’re looking for old windows, then wouldn’t it be great to get a design that doesn’t take away from the style of your home? Sash windows are the ideal replacement for old timber windows in your home, and they have a classic style and traditional quality. However, they also come with innovative features and durable materials that enhance the performance of your property.

With our sash windows, you can retain the old while marrying it with the new. And, with Sashes of Surrey, you can get market-leading designs from a leading manufacturer. We work with Roseview to offer their high-quality uPVC sash windows with advanced double glazing, meaning you’ll get a durable design for your home. However, they’ll still look like the designs of old, meaning you don’t have to choose style over performance.


Authentic and Elegant

Ultimate Rose Sash Windows Camberley

The Ultimate Rose Sliding Sash Window from our Rose Collection is the first of three collections we can provide in Camberley. The Ultimate Rose design is a classic from the moment you look at it, with classic features across the build. You can benefit from seamless construction and a slim 35mm midrail. Additionally, you can benefit from the modern materials in Roseview’s designs.

These sliding sash windows use uPVC profiles instead of timber. uPVC is a more durable material, meaning it’ll need much less maintenance than old wooden frames. All you’ll have to do to keep them looking their best is to wipe them down with a damp cloth. From there, the windows will work brilliantly for decades, making your Camberley home warmer, brighter, and safer than ever before.





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ultimate rose sash windows camberley
Timeless and Sleek

Heritage Rose Sash Windows Camberley

Alternatively, you could create sash windows from our Heritage Rose range for your Camberley home. This collection of sash windows is designed with classic homes in mind, and these windows can fit seamlessly into heritage homes and even listed buildings. However, the windows also enhance the performance of these older homes. For example, you benefit from highly durable multi-point locking systems to keep you safe.

By using uPVC instead of timber, Roseview’s sash windows have slim sightlines for your Camberley home. That means you can get better views of the outside world, and more natural light can enter your home. You can even make your home warmer, meaning you could end up spending less on your household heating bills. You can even customise our Heritage Rose sash windows to create unique designs!




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heritage rose sash windows camberley
Contemporary and Stylish

Charisma Rose Sash Windows Camberley

Finally, the Charisma Rose collection of sash windows suits modern Camberley homes seamlessly. These windows have outstanding uPVC profiles that sit flush, meaning there are smaller gaps in the design. Because of this, the windows are air and water-tight, letting less cold air into your home. That way, you can protect your home against draughts, dampness, and even condensation.

With our Charisma Rose sash windows, you can also keep your Camberley home warm and dry. Our fully weatherproof designs keep wind and rain from causing any harm to your windows for decades to come. You can also pick out unique hardware and accessories to enhance the look and feel of your design. We offer deep bottom rails and acoustic glazing, as well as so much more!





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charisma rose sash windows camberley
Traditional and Charming

Timber Sash Windows Camberley

At Sashes of Surrey, we also don’t believe timber sash windows are outdated. However, we’ve made sure that our wooden sash windows are an updated design for your home in Camberley. Our modern timber sash windows have a much more resilient design than older options, meaning they can last longer in your living space. Not only that, you benefit from the hand-crafted quality of timber, elevating the look of a new home or preserving the look of an old one.

With our timber sash windows, you control the look. That means you can pick unique features like Georgian, horizontal or cottage bars, and you can pick a unique colour for the design. Our range has several bold shades for you to choose from. No matter your picks, Sashes of Surrey will fit your sash windows made-to-measure in Camberley.


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timber sash windows camberley
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Sash Window Prices in Camberley

Choose Sashes of Surrey today to help you create bespoke sash windows in Camberley and the surrounding areas.

To see how much your sash windows could cost, use our online quoting tool today. This tool helps you design your window from the ground up and control it to suit your needs and budget.

For any questions, you can also get in touch with our friendly team today. Email us at info@sashesofsurrey.co.uk or call us on 01252 931422 to find out more!






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